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In addition to distributing tank trailers SEKA also operates a fleet of tenancy. We understand full service leasing as an added value-creating complete package and take in this context all administrative activities associated with your fleet.

We stand for individuality and the constant quest for the optimization of your fleet.


Full Service = ALL COST IN  

The rent form "in the short or long term rental" is worthwhile for companies that want to hire SEKA-tank only for a limited period.

A long-term lease provides greater flexibility to the tenant. This can be very useful, for example if the vehicle needs to be replaced spontaneously. This can be set by contract.


Your benefits:

  • Costs can be charged as operating expenditures
  • The SEKA tanks can be adjusted as needed
  • There is a possibility of change of vehicle
  • No "residual payment" and no credit costs
  • Comfortable up and dismantling of the operating fleet
  • Contract possible from 90 days
  • Good alternative to leasing or financing
  • In the event of a claim, handling by landlords and replacement vehicle procurement
  • Vehicles by the company's own corporate design
  • Realization for new entrepreneurs

Billing of Full Service Rent

The settlement of full service rental takes place on a fixed basis.

Every month you receive a single bill in which only one item is listed: the rent price.